version 1.2

In this version of the DungeonMaker, you can observe the creation process of the dungeons as a movie. I learned a lot of things that I hadn't known by watching this, and I'm certain I could design much better rooms- and stats-files now, though I haven't gotten around to that yet. So that's mainly what this movie is for, to deepen our understanding of the dungeon creation process, and to allow us to design better dungeons.

When the movie starts, it is paused for 3 seconds while you can inspect the design: The things that have been placed in the rooms-file are shown, namely pre-placed walls and design Builders (Crawlers and Jumpers). Builders are shown in red, and there is a new command line option to keep showing all Builders through the entire process.

The command line parameters have changed from the 1.0 version, and are now as follows:
-h prints a list of command line options (Surprise!)
-nc "no columns", the program will build just walls
-b "show Builders", all Builders are shown during the entire dungeon creation process
-rx for dungeon layout, use the file roomsx
x must be a single digit or the letter X
-sx for dungeon character, use the file statsx
x must be a single digit or the letter X
-s+ make the movie slower
-s- make the movie faster

The speed command is cumulative and can be entered several times, e.g.
dungeonmaker -s+ -s+ -s+ -s+
will make the movie run very slow. However, you cannot speed it up indefinitely, because a significant slot of time will be used for the actual creation process.

To run the included (Linux-)executable you need the SDL-runtime installed, and in order to build the application, you need the library SDL-devel (I used version 1.08). You can get them here.

That's about it. Enjoy, and if you design cool mazes, send me the files.

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