Manual for the
DungeonMaker   ver 1.2

A program that uses artificial life methods to "grow" dungeons.

How Dungeons are Created   (intro/overview)
How WallCrawlers Work   (they make the dungeons)
Determining the Dungeon Layout   (rooms-file reference)
Determining the Dungeon Character   (stats-file reference)
The constants-file   (casual users: hands off !)
Dungeon Design HowTo   (practical tricks of the trade)
Technical Stuff   (like how to run the program)
License   (what you can do with the program)
Interface   (how programmers can use the program)
main()-function   (how to use the interface)
The Decorate()-function   (how to make the dungeons look fantastic)

Version 1.1   (how to render the dungeons on SDL)
Version 1.2   (DungeonMaker, the movie)


© 2001 by Dr. Peter Henningsen