Manual for the
DungeonMaker   ver 2.0

A program that uses artificial life methods to "grow" dungeons.

Intro and Overview
Crawler Demos
Tunneler Demos
Chokepoint Designs
Two Maps
Vision and Plan
Design HowTo

These dungeons are meant to have MOBs (mobile objects, formerly monsters) in them that are busy doing their own thing, and that will systematically hunt the player when he attacks or steals their treasure. Players are meant to have access to a fully revealed map, so they can see where bands of MOBs roam, and constantly re-evaluate their best paths through the dungeon. In the next version of DungeonMaker, we will implement an intelligent map, which will contain pre-computed paths to important locations, making it much easier to have smart MOBs.

Of course you can also use these dungeons with traditional monsters who hang around their spawn points waiting to be slaughtered.


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