Both these demos show what a single Tunneler and its offspring can do. The original Tunneler starts off at the opening on the left side of the map, and you can see how baby Tunnelers can have smaller or larger tunnelWidths than their parents. You can also see how rooms and anterooms are made. MOBs are depicted in red, and treasure in green. We always put the most valuable treasure (bright green) in the largest room, and let it be guarded by the largest group of MOBs, which always includes a member of the highest ranking class of MOBs (formerly called a boss monster). We expect that programs using the DungeonMaker will use much more sophisticated methods of object placement, but this can only be implemented when one knows what kinds of objects are to be placed and what their in-game-relationship is.

In the first demo, Tunnelers first get babies with larger tunnelWidth, so the standard 3-square-wide tunnels are followed by wider tunnels (which take up much space), and then the dungeon-generating process switches to ever narrower tunnels.

tunneler demo # 1
single tunneler at work

There is a large variability in outcomes, and while in most cases the map is almost filled, sometimes the Tunnelers die out after filling only a small part of the available space. Such dungeons should usually be rejected by a playability test. It would be easy to implement a count on the number of squares that have been changed in the dungeon-making process, and to reject dungeons with too little activity. This would also make it possible to wind down the construction process when the dungeon has reached a predetermined size, an option we consider for the next version of the DungeonMaker.

In the second demo the Tunnelers first become very narrow, then wide, then narrow again. Since we can ensure that large rooms are only built adjacent to wide corridors, such a design can ensure that the largest rooms with the biggest treasure are far from the dungeon entrance.

tunneler demo # 2
another tunneler at work

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