Chokepoint - Designs

Chokepoints are points where a player must pass through in order to get from the entrance to the exit, or the big treasure room, or any other objective the player might have. They are an integral part of our plans for intelligent maps: These maps will include precomputed paths to all chokepoints, so the AI will have an easy time getting there and will be able to look pretty smart without having to compute too much. On the labyrinth map, the entrance is at the left top, and three exits are at and around the right bottom of the map. Two closed Crawlers starting out from the pre-placed room ensure that the room is a chokepoint between the entrance and every exit. Other design Crawlers ensure that the paths to the exits are quite long and convoluted. The two Crawlers starting off towards the right edge of the map are a Crawler-pair: One of them is closed and will in most cases (but not all) connect with the outside wall, the other is open - but it is randomly decided which one is which. This makes it possible to have very different paths through dungeons made with the same design file.

In this design the areas around the design Crawlers get more walls per unit of space than the area towards the left top which is dominated by RandCrawlers. In general, it is easy to have labyrinths with quite different characteristics in different parts of the map.

After the Crawlers have done their thing, rooms are created in the labyrinth. This process takes considerable time on a map of this size (though it speeds up towards the end), and if you try to close the window while it is under way, you will only get a response when the next room is found and the window is updated. Sorry for that, but this is only a demo program.

chokepoint in labyrinth
labyrinth with chokepoint

The chokepoint in the dungeon is the pre-placed open space in the center of the map. This design is tuned more towards creating tunnels than rooms, although plenty of rooms still get made.

chokepoint in dungeon
dungeon with chokepoint

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