Technical Stuff
(like how to run the program)

The DungeonMaker runs from the command line - on Linux, change to the directory that contains the program and all its associated files, and execute the command
Or if you still run on Windows you can just double-click the program dungeonmaker.exe.

Running dungeonmaker -h brings up a list of all command line options. For easy reference, here they are:

-h prints a list of command line options (Surprise!)
-nc "no columns", the program will build just walls
-ng "no generational walls", wall tiles are marked with an X as opposed to a digit signifying their generation
-g output is in GridSlammer-readable format
-rx for dungeon layout, use the file roomsx
x must be a single digit or the letter X
-sx for dungeon character, use the file statsx
x must be a single digit or the letter X

If you run the program without command line arguments, it will choose a random rooms-file (but not the X-file) and the stats-file with the same number. After the program has produced a dungeon, it will prompt you for input as to what you want to do next. Before you enter anything, you should have a look at the produced dungeon. It will be in the same directory as the program and will be called Dungeon.txt (or Dungeon.grd for GridSlammer format). Look at it in a plain text editor that displays all characters in the same width. All the dungeons are designed with the idea that the entry will be at the left top, and the exit at the right bottom. So if you want to try it out, find that path. If you find a dungeon you want to keep, note down its random seed and which files were used. This is all the data you need to reproduce the dungeon later. When you make a new program run, your dungeon will be overwritten. If the program prints a lot of C's and J's, you can find an explanation for that here under maxCrawlers.

After the DungeonMaker has produced a dungeon, you can enter a letter to choose among the following options:

Q quit - Ende, finis, get me outta here !
R repeat with the same rooms- and stats-files, but a different random seed
S repeat with the same rooms- and stats-files, but enter your own random seed
T U V W don't enter these or the program will give you shit for entering "illegal input" or something - BAH !
L layout will be changed, i.e. a different rooms-file will be used
C character will be changed, i.e. a different stats-file will be used

When chosing on of the last two options, you will be able to choose a specific file or a random file. And for your utmost convenience, you can also enter the letters in lower case ! So there!!

The program was written on XEmacs and compiled using the GNU compiler with the supplied Makefile. The Windows version was compiled with MinGW. All very straightforward.

Don't get lost in the dungeons,
there's no health packs in there.

but other than that ...

Enjoy !

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