(what you can do with the program)

You can run the DungeonMaker and use the dungeons it generates any which way you like. If you want to incorporate the code into your own project, you can choose between two licenses:

Commercial License
You pay for it, you do what you like with it. Dr. Peter Henningsen is the sole holder of the copyright to the DungeonMaker, and if you want you can even hire him as a consultant to adapt the code to your needs.

General Public License (GPL)
The Dungeonmaker is released under the Free Software Foundation's General Public License. The text can be found online. Basically, it means that you can modify and include the code in your own project, as long as that is also released under the GPL.

If you want to make a non-profit game, but do not want to use the GPL (e.g. because you need to use encryption to protect a networked game from cheaters) I will consider giving you a commercial license for free.

If you use the program under the GPL, I have the following requests that I ask you to honor in recognition of the work I put into the DungeonMaker:
  1. When you make a release, notify me of your project, so I can put a link to it on the DungeonMaker website.
  2. Wherever you list the artistic credits for your program, please include a entry such as:
    Random dungeons created by alifegames::DungeonMaker

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